Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We took our best read article and updated it just for Squidoo!

We have taken our most read article "The Decline Of Web Development" rewrote it some, added a few surprises, and have put it in a Squidoo Lens.

So go over to  http://www.squidoo.com/the-decline-of-web-development and check it out. While you're there don't forget to share it with the links on the left.

Regular blog post coming soon we're looking for the right program to review.

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Paypal is now working on the "First Job" campaign

Just a quick post to let everyone know that our Indiegogo campaign for First Job is now accepting paypal!

Here is the link please contribute at: http://www.indiegogo.com/jcwc-first-job?a=1631159

Thank You Jersey

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Want to help people get a job? Here's how!

Jersey Customs Web & Game Creations has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for an app already in development, and almost finished, to help people looking for a job fill out applications.

Before you leave this post just think about this. How many times have you been filling out an application and forget important details like: Last names, Phone Numbers (Including ones that have changed), Address', Reference details, and more?? Especially if it's been years

That is what this app is for, times when you're filling out apps, and having to sit there and remember all that stuff. It takes up time, doesn't look good, and is frustrating. I've been there time and time again. So what we've made is an app that runs on Android. With it you can store details as you remember them. Then the next time you fill out a job app just use "First Job" to view all of the details in one easy, simple, location.

With your help we can deliver this FREE app to those who need it most. Those looking for a job in this economy!

Go here to help: JCW&C's Indiegogo campaign (Paypal coming soon)
Go here to see the Youtube premiere video: "First Job" First View Video (Sound Coming Soon)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Decline Of Web Development - Free Templates are coming!

Today we are going to explore how sites like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and the likes, have both helped and hurt web developers. We will also touch on free templates.

First to start out I have nothing against CMS Systems. I personally use them when needed and the project fits. They can help a developer very much, but at the same time I think they can be overused and do some harm. The only reason that I say this is because web design and development used to be personal, creative, and personalized (yes there is a difference). Now with CMS' you have a lot of features that are easily integrated, and needed: saving time and money, even for us developers it can be a great choice.
         But like I said when it is overused and not individualized enough your site just looks like anyone and everyone else's. The personalization  is gone, or not asked for so much. Clients don't want a big development, or design, and that makes it harder to even get jobs when someone can that easily get their site running. Like I said with the last post: Skilled services that we trained for and that grew from experience and time are not needed, or at least like they used to be.
         Now on to the good. Most CMS' have a list of packaged features, and countless plugins like:

Email and Newsletters
Dynamic posting, and blogs
Twitter, Facebook, etc. built in
and so much more.

So what's the verdict? I love a CMS when the time is right. When it's not I go with a custom build. Like I said the only things that I would like to see is: More creativity in the design of sites using CMS', Less overusing them just because they're there, and in turn that will help people want more custom sites come back up.

Now as far as free templates Yes I used to think when they burst big years ago it would hurt business. I will say now I was wrong
     Here is why I believe that. Free templates are mixed: both pro's and the community make them. Be it for business, to help someone, or whatever else their reason. Quality is also mixed but most free templates albeit helping someone is what I feel are two categories: 

1. A layout template: meaning more for what the page contains. The graphics, etc. are meant to be replaced. It is there for the positioning. 

2. Full templates: Everything is intact, preferring you change graphics, but still all there. The quality, or  customization is lacking, or full but there are thousands of downloads. So if you want to use it exclusivly you either can't or can for a price resulting in business. 

So my opinion on this is free templates are actually helping web design/developers. Go ahead and make them. Some people can't afford paid ones.

That is why I have decided that JCWC will be making free templates available on our blog! (Later on the site) The first one will hopefully be ready and available for download around Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out. 

* also I forgot earlier to mention you can make your CMS different with templates. The main thing I see with that is most still look like a CMS. Be it layout, branding, etc. it is rare to find a unique one with the same functionality. If I am wrong please feel free to comment and I will check it out.

Until next time Jersey

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Decline of Computer Shops

As I said last time this post will be about the decline of computer shops, and the effect it's having on us.

Now I want to start by saying that this is not going to be a rant. I am not here to complain I am just saying what I think has happened and the effects it's having on us the last 10 years.
      Back when I started on computers in 1999 the web wasn't completely new, but it was still basic. (next post on that though), and computers were still high.
      The average computer was a Pentium, and most cpu's I worked with were still 386, 486, with a few newer Pentiums. It wasn't cheap to buy one or even build one for that matter. Not that it wasn't reasonable as it was the best at it's time just like today is. It's just that overall to get a computer then just the tower was around $800-$900 for a hp 900mhz. Look at bestbuy.com and you can get a decent one for $300 and a high end home user's for $600. a $300-$600 difference right off the bat.
       Then there are laptops. Back around 2000 they were high real high around $1,200+ high. Still best of it's time, but look up the specs then and now. They were really just to get some work done on the go and you had to be fast, or you'd go dead before you were done. Really they didn't do much. To use just about anything you needed a card. Remember PCMIA lol, although it was a good technology considering we didn't have USB. Now though you can get a top of the line gaming, production, etc. that rivals desktops for that price. Everyday users can get a work/school laptop for as little as $300-$400.
       The reason I say this is that I understand why computer shops are falling left and right. I wish they weren't I'm passionate about what I do. There was a lot of hours, training/learning, skill, and more people in my field have gone through, that is now almost void and useless other then in a corporate I.T. environment.
             Still if you were the everyday user would you now want to pay and wait for a custom computer to be built, or repair one, when you can spend $800 for a complete package and have it from the store in 30 minutes? I haven't even mentioned the All-In-One packages. Now me I still prefer to build mine. There are advantages to it, and I still get requests now and then. But the problem with that is: 1 it's too far and few to survive on. and 2 It's tech savvy people, or gamers that know what they want and need.
       In closing I'm glad prices have fallen. It does make it easier and cheaper to have one. Other advantages are that with the prices more people own one, giving way to new services, and products. (Such as Android which JCWC has moved more towards) plus gaming picked up, computer/intellegent based products are cheaper, and much more. But I still miss the days of tearing one apart and diagnosing it. Plus that the resell value on one was high enough it was worth selling it.

Until next time "The Decline of Web Development" Thanks "Jersey"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

About Jersey Customs Web & Game Creations

JCWC was started in 2009 as a web design/development, hosting, and computer repair company.
         I had been doing repair, and development since 1999 when it was a big business. Launching some websites as early as 16. After high school I got some jobs in I.T. and Networking as a help desk, and also in local shops, but I wasn't getting very far and it wasn't mine. After the last shop I decided to go out on my own.
         Because of the state of the economy, and a small town, I had a hard time getting started, even with some development and repair jobs coming in, and the first year we went under $3,000. The website which had traffic is temporarily offline at the moment. We are redesigning for all aspects. (See Below)
         As I was told yesterday when talking to someone, 98% of all businesses fail. Now I'm not trying to discourage people, I didn't give up as you see. I just realized that my formula was wrong. I settled on a real job while I went back to the drawing board.
           Late 2009, early 2010 I decided to jump on board the Android wagon. My first project I decided JCWC was going to do was a children's game. That idea turned into a 3 game series that has been turned over to HisInstrument Gaming Studios and added to the "Jimmy Series".(More on that in a later post) Before that game was turned over it got me thinking and learning new skills. While working real jobs, I was working on JCWC more and more. I was still yearning for that freedom, that creativity, that ownership.
           Jump ahead to 2011. I started getting more into Android and less on the rest of  JCWC's services. I got a new job and a co-worker and I wanted more then we had so we talked about a partnership. Long story, but in the end a partnership is not for me. No apps we discussed as doing together have been made more then a prototype though.
         The thing I did get out of it is that I was passionate about my field, and went into development full blown making apps for local businesses, and brainstorming for my own launches. The result was around 11 apps and games are currently in development. That also started a new plan for JCWC as we were moving to a full blown studio.
           So in September 2012 I was conflicted with the JCWC brand which has some recognition and everything is filed as, and whether to change it to a more fitting title like Jersey Customs Game Studios. I like that name but I don't want to change it that drastically. Looking around I realized how many studios divide their teams so I though Jersey Customs Game Creations. It fit, as I was still "creating" games and they were creative. So I was trying to make up my mind on whether to even change it when demand for JCWC's original services picked up. Thus the result is I'm splitting JCWC into two divisions.

Jersey Customs Web Creation - Will now be for the following:

Web Solutions - Development, Design, Management/Updating, etc.
Network Solutions - Commercial, Setup, Tech Support, etc.
Repair Solutions - Computer: Home, Commercial, In-Store, Tech Support, etc.
Phone Solutions - Android: Updates, Repair, Bricked, Recovery, etc.

Adding Later:

Video Solutions -
Graphic Services -
Programing Solutions -
Whatever Else Is Needed

Jersey Customs Game Creations - Will Now Be For The Following:
* = adding on - ? = by demand

Apps - Android, Chrome, iOS*, Nook?, Kindle?
Games -
            Handheld Systems - Android, iOS*, (Vita?, DS?, are TBD)
            PC - Chrome, Windows*
            Console - May add downloadable games (TBD)

Whatever Else Is Needed

In Closing JCWC & JCGC sites are coming. Apps, and Games are on the way. and I will be doing a new post every few days.

Next Post: "The decline of computer shops"

Thanks and til next time, Jersey

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/gpig84
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