Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Decline of Computer Shops

As I said last time this post will be about the decline of computer shops, and the effect it's having on us.

Now I want to start by saying that this is not going to be a rant. I am not here to complain I am just saying what I think has happened and the effects it's having on us the last 10 years.
      Back when I started on computers in 1999 the web wasn't completely new, but it was still basic. (next post on that though), and computers were still high.
      The average computer was a Pentium, and most cpu's I worked with were still 386, 486, with a few newer Pentiums. It wasn't cheap to buy one or even build one for that matter. Not that it wasn't reasonable as it was the best at it's time just like today is. It's just that overall to get a computer then just the tower was around $800-$900 for a hp 900mhz. Look at and you can get a decent one for $300 and a high end home user's for $600. a $300-$600 difference right off the bat.
       Then there are laptops. Back around 2000 they were high real high around $1,200+ high. Still best of it's time, but look up the specs then and now. They were really just to get some work done on the go and you had to be fast, or you'd go dead before you were done. Really they didn't do much. To use just about anything you needed a card. Remember PCMIA lol, although it was a good technology considering we didn't have USB. Now though you can get a top of the line gaming, production, etc. that rivals desktops for that price. Everyday users can get a work/school laptop for as little as $300-$400.
       The reason I say this is that I understand why computer shops are falling left and right. I wish they weren't I'm passionate about what I do. There was a lot of hours, training/learning, skill, and more people in my field have gone through, that is now almost void and useless other then in a corporate I.T. environment.
             Still if you were the everyday user would you now want to pay and wait for a custom computer to be built, or repair one, when you can spend $800 for a complete package and have it from the store in 30 minutes? I haven't even mentioned the All-In-One packages. Now me I still prefer to build mine. There are advantages to it, and I still get requests now and then. But the problem with that is: 1 it's too far and few to survive on. and 2 It's tech savvy people, or gamers that know what they want and need.
       In closing I'm glad prices have fallen. It does make it easier and cheaper to have one. Other advantages are that with the prices more people own one, giving way to new services, and products. (Such as Android which JCWC has moved more towards) plus gaming picked up, computer/intellegent based products are cheaper, and much more. But I still miss the days of tearing one apart and diagnosing it. Plus that the resell value on one was high enough it was worth selling it.

Until next time "The Decline of Web Development" Thanks "Jersey"