Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Want to help people get a job? Here's how!

Jersey Customs Web & Game Creations has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for an app already in development, and almost finished, to help people looking for a job fill out applications.

Before you leave this post just think about this. How many times have you been filling out an application and forget important details like: Last names, Phone Numbers (Including ones that have changed), Address', Reference details, and more?? Especially if it's been years

That is what this app is for, times when you're filling out apps, and having to sit there and remember all that stuff. It takes up time, doesn't look good, and is frustrating. I've been there time and time again. So what we've made is an app that runs on Android. With it you can store details as you remember them. Then the next time you fill out a job app just use "First Job" to view all of the details in one easy, simple, location.

With your help we can deliver this FREE app to those who need it most. Those looking for a job in this economy!

Go here to help: JCW&C's Indiegogo campaign (Paypal coming soon)
Go here to see the Youtube premiere video: "First Job" First View Video (Sound Coming Soon)