Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big things are coming!

As we said the other day there are big changes and announcements coming from JCW&GC.

The first is as you know we are releasing First Job app for Android. 
We have not finalized the date but internal testing will begin tonight on a potential release version. When that version passes I will upload it, or a variant of it, as the final Preview Version.
This Preview will be totally different from the current one as it will have: the final changed layout, Features, and more added to it. The reason it will be different also is that we uploaded the production prototype versions first to show you the idea, and the next one will be the internal Alpha we are happy with for release.

The second thing is that we will be launching the website January 1st.
We are working hard to get the site ready for a January 1st launch. We will have videos, forum, blog, app info, and more for you to tell us what you want added. And YES we will be answering you.

The third bit of news is that we are almost done with 2 more apps and will be announcing them soon!

There is more to come but we will post that in the next few weeks

In closing we would like to know what input you have, comments, and more so please leave comments. Also  we want to know what security questions you would like added as the password recovery.

EG. "What was your first pets name?"