Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review of Slot Galaxy HD

Recently we did testing and a review for Galaxy Star Entertainment's Slot Galaxy HD. (For Android) 

Here is the review.

Eye and Ear Candy

To start off the graphics are excellent. It also not only has background music and sound effects, but also they went above that and added some voice recordings.While we're on that subject the settings allow you to not only turn off the sound and music but also the notifications. Which as we know most apps/games won't do.
The settings have a few other tidbits though, which include reporting problems, and missing coins, and the good old facebook integration.
Since it has facebook integration you can request, invite, and gift your friends, and use leaderboards. There may be more that we haven't found though I haven't heard back from the developer before writing this review. 


The gameplay is like most slots games at its core. But what I did notice and like about this game is it adds such a greater depth then the others I have played.
For starters, there are 13 levels to the game. All of them are as slot machines, but they are also individually themed. Starting off with the greek gods you have a wide selection to play including farms, safaris, beaches, dinosaurs, etc. To get to these other levels you have to complete the previous one though. This isn't a problem as the levels are not only entertaining, but also fair in the winning and bonus algorithms. This scoring system wasn't just thrown together. 
There isn't just a one line across win strategy as some games have. This one is built to handle the 12 line wins that the casinos have. The betting only let me do a one-to-one, or two-to-one bet but thats ok because at 12 lines thats still 24 coins lost, or a decent win.
Speaking of winning, there are a ton of prizes to win, and they are themed for their levels theme too. 

Extras and Add-Ins

There are plenty of these to go around. Not only (as I mentioned above) are there prizes in the levels, but you also get free coins every hour that also make a gauge go up to get a bigger bonus. But you also get plenty of you did it bonus coins and spins for winning certain combos, or patterns.

This game actually didn't have a lot that would normally irritate me. There are a few improvements that could be made, mainly with the networking. I ran this off of wifi so every time I lost my router the screen would get stuck in a spinning wait bar. The positive about this is hitting the home key went back to the phones home screen and I could still use everything else while it reconnected. (Also note: If you have a phone plan there should be no reason that it wouldn't connect. This is only on wifi only gameplay)

The other things are not really improvements but more notes. This game is free, so thus there is a need for revenue, that comes in not one but two ways! First as buying more coins which to me are high. Prices range from $1.90 for 2,000 coins to a mind blowing $99.90 for 360,000 coins. They say you get 20% free but still $100 for virtual money is too much. Especially when it's rare but there are in game ads also (The second way)


Graphics -        4
Gameplay -      5
Misc add-ins -  4
Final  Score  -  4.3

As long as you don't need huge amounts of coins, and casino games are your thing then I recomend this game all day long.

Android app on Google Play

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