Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exciting news from the Nunya Records front

Hey everybody I just wanted to update you on some stuff

First off we posted the other day that we partnered with Nunya Records to make an indie radio station. Well that has changed and become more then we thought so we have changed the name of Nunya Records Radio to Nunya Records Presents: Independent Artist Showcase Online, There are a few branches that the IAS has become and that will all be released at 6pm est on

With that being said the temp site will also be released then and so will some more info on many things and a free song to download,

Join the event at www,facebook,com/nunyarecords for more info and to get into the release event early! \

Well for now Jersey

Comment below with your ideas, opinions, and the like

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exciting News JCWC has teamed up with Nunya Records to create Indie only radio station!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that JCWC and Nunya Records have teamed up to create an "Indie Only" radio station that will launch later this year.

The Indie station will be for artists looking for a way to get there music out there and to bring good music back to the fans instead of the commercialized stuff that is always on the radio.

More details will be released as development gets further into the beta stage but a few plans are:

  • An Android app that will not only allow you to listen but submit YOUR music to NRR
  • A website with playlists and streaming audio
  • Being able to submit your Indie music
  • Buy and free download links if artist wants that option
  • and much more right out of the gate

Future plans include

  • A Video channel for Indie artists to display their videos
  • A "Artist Connect" section so that local artists can team up and bring you even better music by being able to contact the artists on the station when they like what they hear, and also a classified add/chat/etc. style area for artists to discuss music and collaboration ideas.
  • Artist pages to view more details, and thier music

Please note that this does not mean that these artists are on Nunya Records Label as THEIR Artists. Just one Indie Supporting others.

Let us know what you think about this new and if your looking forward to it by sharing/liking this post, and in the comments below

Til next time thanks guys JCWC