Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free Music!!

Hey Guys I figured I figured I'd give you an easy way to listen to and download the Mixtape Preview that I posted about the other day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nunya Biz Releases "The Mixtapes Preview"

This morning Nunya Records released a preview of the "Stress, Depression, & Faith" and "Heavy Hitters" mixtapes.

While this is just an unfinished preview it is something that the fans have been asking for as any albums that were coming out have been pushed back and the mixtapes won't be here until the first quarter of 2014.

Some of the topics are Christian themes, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore, Depression, Life, Nunya, and more

Check them out for yourself and don't forget to: like, tweet, follow, Youtube subscribe, Google+, etc. the pages to show your support and also go to and like the page some news and contests will be coming up and you'll want the early start as the early supporters will be getting some rewards.

Also be sure to leave comments to let Nunya know what you think

Get The Mixtapes Here!

Or here for non Datpiff users

Here are Nunya's Links

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nunya Biz speaks out about #PhilRobertson controversy, #MileyCyrus, & #Macklemore

Ok in light of A&E's new idiotic actions toward #PhilRobertson The teaser I released yesterday is old news here's my support as I feel he was completely right and also I address #MileyCyrus and #Macklemore 

If you found his comments offensive and controversial then you won't like mine but the worlds corrupt and that's what I feel I'm supposed to do tell you The Truth

and here's my opinion on it!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nunya's new teaser!!

Hey everyone news from the Nunya Records front

First the IAS is still in the works, but in the mean time he's dropped a teaser from his new mixtape coming out 12-24-13

Friday, October 25, 2013

Check this out!

Nunya Biz talks to the fans about: The Dedications, Mixtapes, IASLive, Weekly Videos & More!: via @YouTube

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exciting news from the Nunya Records front

Hey everybody I just wanted to update you on some stuff

First off we posted the other day that we partnered with Nunya Records to make an indie radio station. Well that has changed and become more then we thought so we have changed the name of Nunya Records Radio to Nunya Records Presents: Independent Artist Showcase Online, There are a few branches that the IAS has become and that will all be released at 6pm est on

With that being said the temp site will also be released then and so will some more info on many things and a free song to download,

Join the event at www,facebook,com/nunyarecords for more info and to get into the release event early! \

Well for now Jersey

Comment below with your ideas, opinions, and the like

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exciting News JCWC has teamed up with Nunya Records to create Indie only radio station!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that JCWC and Nunya Records have teamed up to create an "Indie Only" radio station that will launch later this year.

The Indie station will be for artists looking for a way to get there music out there and to bring good music back to the fans instead of the commercialized stuff that is always on the radio.

More details will be released as development gets further into the beta stage but a few plans are:

  • An Android app that will not only allow you to listen but submit YOUR music to NRR
  • A website with playlists and streaming audio
  • Being able to submit your Indie music
  • Buy and free download links if artist wants that option
  • and much more right out of the gate

Future plans include

  • A Video channel for Indie artists to display their videos
  • A "Artist Connect" section so that local artists can team up and bring you even better music by being able to contact the artists on the station when they like what they hear, and also a classified add/chat/etc. style area for artists to discuss music and collaboration ideas.
  • Artist pages to view more details, and thier music

Please note that this does not mean that these artists are on Nunya Records Label as THEIR Artists. Just one Indie Supporting others.

Let us know what you think about this new and if your looking forward to it by sharing/liking this post, and in the comments below

Til next time thanks guys JCWC

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey everyone I know that it's been a while since I've been on here, and I know that I usually post about game/dev related stuff but I today I'm going to post about something else.

Here is a new indie artist Nunya Biz that I wanted you to see.

Check out 
There is also updated video there

Also this is just a demo (unfinished)

This is the older youtube video

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Allstays Big Truck Stop

Allstays Big Truck Stop is a very cool app that I'm glad I had the pleasure of testing. 

The purpose of the app is for truck drivers (and as in my case regular drivers) to find the four big brand truck stops: Flying J, Pilot, Loves, Petro and TA Travel Centers all over the USA and all are easy to spot with their own clear icon on the map, and there is no mistaking the icons as they are (without infringing on the company logos) still recognizable as the company they represent.
  As per their Google Play page this app is 100% Made in the USA, it is ready and optimized for tablets (although I didn't get to test it on one) but regardless on my Evo 4g it was stillcrystal clear and easy to look down at, and an app that is updated with driver reviews, comments, amenities, website, truck stop weather and directions consistently.
  The feature list is exceptional, especially in an app that was not only free, but also an app that is a "smaller or Lite" version of the full fledged version that I wish I had tested. It allows you to look up the US State or Canadian Provence that way you can play when to stop on your route.It has filters to select just the station that you want to see on the map. as well as a near me feature that allows one click and the map is right back to your GPS location. The last feature that I want to touch on is that the map has two views. Map which is a regular style map and a Sat which is a real view satellite map.
  This is the feature list that they have on their Google Play page.
✔Flying J Travel Plazas
✔Loves Travel Stops
✔TA Travel Center
✔Petro Stopping Centers
✔parking spaces
✔diesel lanes
✔Tripak with pick up times
✔game room
✔dump station
✔Bulk DEF
✔tire care
✔road service
✔service bays
✔travel and cb stores
✔Western Union and check cashing
✔UPS and FedEx

+ Truck stop ratings and reviews
+ NOAA GPS based weather for each point
+ Search for specific locations around you on a map or even satellite view.
+ Multiple types of icons to help spot things on the map.
+ Advanced filters: Only want a certain brand with parking, a store, showers, laundry, a lounge or ATM?
+ One-touch calling for places that have a phone number listed.
+ One-touch directions for all POIs.
+ GPS displayed in text decimal points
+ Provides data without service.
+ Supports a manual lookup where users can look up locations by state and city.

Also as I said before this is a lite version so in app you can upgrade to the full version, or one of their other helpful  apps like the RV park locator, Walmarts that allow overnight parking and more.

This apps current rating on Play is 5.0 and I have to agree with that 100%